Fibroids are tumors which develop inside and outside the women’s uterus. These fibroids tumors are so common that according to studies every one woman out of three in United States is suffering from fibroids tumors.
Sometimes, these tumors become quite large and cause severe abdominal pain and heavy periods. In other cases, they cause no symptoms and signs at all. Doctors and scientists failed to discover the exact reason behind the growth of fibroids tumors but some studies seem to suggest that over production of estrogen could be the primary reason for fibroids. One thing you should always remember that generally fibroids tumors are not cancerous and it doesn’t matter how much they grow. Fibroids do not transfer and women can have more than one fibroid tumor at a time in their body.

abdominal pain for fibroidsIt includes several symptoms such as bleeding, pain, infertility problem and painful intercourse. Similar to other chronic health conditions, fibroids do not have a single cause. It can be caused by single or more factors in your body. There are many primary reasons that create the environment for fibroids to grow inside, outside and within the uterus. However, there are many secondary factors that also cause fibroids to grow that are hormonal imbalance, stress, mood swing, lack of sleep, antibiotic medicines and steroids.

You can treat fibroid tumors by making simple lifestyle changes in your life and with the help of natural products at home. Making necessary lifestyle adjustments is the first step towards eliminating fibroids completely from your body. Without a strong and healthy body you cannot get rid of fibroids easily. Weak body is like an open door in which any disease can come easily and can make trouble for you. You need to do regular exercise to stay healthy and fit. do Aerobic exercises for fibroidsAerobic exercises like swimming, dancing, walking and cycling, stabilize insulin levels and prevent hormonal imbalances.

Yoga can also help to stay fit by increasing the energy flow to the pelvic organs and hormone glands. Weight training improves the muscular health and strengthens the muscles that support the uterus. Researchers have also found that women with excess weight are more prone to the risk of fibroids. This is because the level of estrogen is high in the obese woman which is a leading factor of developing fibroids.

How to Get Rid of Fibroids Naturally?

Heavily obese women have 2 to 3 times higher chances of developing fibroids than a normal weight woman. So, you need to maintain your weight if you want to prevent fibroids. Green tea is beneficial for the women who suffering from fibroids tumors. Green tea extract reduces the problems of fibroidsGreen tea extract reduces the severity of symptoms of women who already have fibroids. Green tea contains a compound called Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) which inhibits the growth of fibroids cells as it contains anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Try to add hormone balancing foods and detoxifying herbs in your diet. Eating the vegetables means you are lowering the risk of the development of fibroids.

Foods that can help in reducing fibroids

Eating foods that are high in fibers help to decrease the estrogen level which may cause fibroids to shrink. Women with fibroids should reduce and eliminate red meat, dairy products including eggs, soy, saturated fat and caffeine. Herbs like yellow duck, red clover and artichoke help the liver detox, balance hormones and decrease the level of estrogen and inflammation. Castor oil pack for fibroidsCastor oil pack can also help you a lot in fibroids condition. Applying castor oil pack on the abdomen helps to stimulate the circulatory system. And eliminate diseases- causing toxins from the body.

These toxins play an important role in fibroids development. Estrogen is a reproductive hormone that stimulates the cells which help in growth of fibroids. Milk thistle is an herbal remedy which helps to get rid of extra estrogen from your body. Simply take 10 to 25 tincture of this herb up to three times a day for at least three months to see effective result.

Above we have discussed about the natural ways that can help you to get rid of fibroids tumors. If fibroids not causing significant pain and interring with your daily life, you can try natural methods that really work. However, if you are living in a situation with fibroids then this is unbearable to your health. It is wise to discuss the ideal treatment options with your doctor.

Perfect Solution for How to Get Rid of Fibroids Naturally

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